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Before Buying Diamond Jewelry or Engagement Rings, You Should First Know About The Diamond 4 C's

Want to impress your girlfriend with how much you know about diamonds already? Tell her about the Diamond 4 Cs and she'll know that you mean business in this relationship. The diamond 4 Cs is what jewelers base their pricing on and it's what you should know about yourself before shopping any further for diamond engagement rings. It can seem pretty obscure otherwise when thinking about how diamonds are priced. It is the combination of these diamond characteristics that are used to determine its value.

  • Diamond Cut - sometimes referred to as the most important C

  • Diamond Clarity - is the measurement of flaws and blemishes under 10X Magnification

  • Diamond Carat - is measurement of its size

  • Diamond Color - Diamonds come in every color, but a clear diamond is considered most valuable

*Note - The 4 Cs will not diminish in value over time. Once you buy your diamond engagement rings, you will also receive with it, the diamond grading reports which will describe the diamond 4 Cs about your diamond.

The 4 Cs measurements are used internationally to classify the rarity of diamonds on a uniform scale. The higher the diamond ratings in each of the 4 characteristics, the higher the cost will be due to this rarity.

Confidence is sometimes called the 5th C. Once you have the basic understanding about each of the diamond 4 Cs and how they are used in combination to determine the value, you will be more confident in your future purchase of engagement rings. It doesn't matter if you are about propose or if you have been married for fifty years and are looking for diamond jewelry, knowing about the diamond 4 Cs will better prepare you for buying in the future.

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