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Diamond Color: Natural Color Diamonds vs. Fancy Colored Diamonds

When talking about diamond color, one is really only talking about the lack of color. Colorless is the "best" characteristic and will increase the price of a diamond as it approaches the absolute colorless degree. Some people prefer a more unique diamond color such as the fancy colored diamond rings. There are a rainbow of choices when considering diamond color that are natural as well. It all depends on how the diamonds formed and with what other minerals. Pink Diamonds, and pink diamond engagement rings are coveted almost as much as natural color diamonds, the colorless variety. It is all preference, but when shopping for diamond engagement rings, you should always consult with the authority, your spouse to be.

Below Find the Diamond Color Grades you should be aware of when shopping for diamonds:
D: Colorless. This is the best of the best.
E: Minute traces of color can be detected
F: Slight color detected.
G-H: Near-colorless.
I-J: Near-colorless diamond. Color is slightly detectable.

The diamond color chart values go from D to Z, but we recommend staying above a color rating of J. If you are considering buying a J diamond, it is best to see this in person, and not to chance buying it online - some J's are more yellow than others.


Diamond Color - Learn The Diamond 4 C's Before You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring

So, you need to learn about the Diamond 4 Cs, and you're now trying to figure out what this whole deal is with Diamond Color. Well don't worry, by the time you finish reading this article, you will be ready to take on the next challenge of buying your diamond ring online.
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Diamonds can be in any color you can imagine... from clear and colorless to the deepest black diamonds, as well as any color in the rainbow. The rarest diamond color just so happens to be the Christmas colors; red and green, and it's because of this rarity that diamonds of this color can fetch record high prices.

If you are talking about fancy colored diamonds, then you speak of any diamond that is not clear and colorless... or at least striving to be. Even in the Diamond Color Scale, at the right-most end of the measurement is another fancy color, yellow. Of the fancy color diamonds, the most popular colors are pink diamonds, blue, black and yellow ones.

The best diamond color, especially in the traditional sense, is actually the diamond with the absence of any color at all. This 4 C characteristic, however, is fairly difficult to find and very rare. Consequently, colorless diamonds are more valuable because of this rarity. This is one factor that can effect the cost of a diamond.

Diamond color is determined prior to mounting. They must be observed as a loose stone and under the strictest lighting circumstances. Yeah, it's really crazy. To grade the diamond on its color, the diamonds in question are compared to master diamonds that have a specific determined color value. It is this comparison that leads to a letter on the diamond color scale:

Diamond Color:

  • D: Colorless. This is the best of the best
  • E: Minute traces of color can be detected
  • F: Slight color detected
  • G-H: Near-colorless
  • I-J: Near-colorless. Color is slightly detectable


So, now you're armed with the knowledge of Diamond Color, what does this do for you?

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