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Ideal Diamond Cut: Learn About Diamond Cut and Diamond Cuts, What's the difference?

When referring to the ideal cut of the diamond, you are describing the angles and scaled proportions that are measured on the gem. The diamond cut is sometimes referred to as the most important characteristic of the 4 Cs. The diamond cut affects how light passes through the gem and is in direct relation to a diamonds brilliance. Each angle refracts the light at a specific angle until it reflects back out through the top of the diamond and thus creates the sparkling affect you think about when imaging gem stones. It is a pretty meticulous process to achieve the right angles. If the cut of the diamond is too shallow or too deep, the result is a lack of luster and the quality of the diamond engagement ring will diminish. The ideal cut diamond is a balance and an art.

The  shape of a diamond is also the cut characteristic, sometimes called diamond cuts. There are many different diamond cuts, or shapes, available when buying diamond engagement rings. There are as many as you can imagine. Some of the more common cuts, especially for engagement rings, are Round Cut, Princess Cut Diamond, Emerald Cut, Asscher Cut Diamonds, Marquise, Oval, Radiant Cut, Pear, and Heart shaped as well. There is no right shape to pick, it is preference. The only right diamond cut is the one that your potential spouse likes. Here is some advice on that... "Ask her."

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