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History Of Diamonds - This Is Your Complete Diamond History

History of Diamonds
Where in history did we first see the value and beauty beheld in diamonds? What is the story behind diamond engagement rings. The word, diamond, historically derived its roots from "Adamas", a Greek word which means unconquerable or indestructible. Diamonds have traveled our many different cultures throughout history affecting everyone in every possible way. The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were tears from the Gods. They were thought to be mystical and powerful stones that affected both the heavens and the hearts. Diamonds today continue to hold this fascination as it did throughout history.


For thousands of years, it was the common belief that diamonds contained special magic abilities and power for royalty. Diamonds were thought to have the same powers as of Gods and these powers contained within the fiery gems were beyond the common man's knowledge. Kings would go into battle adorned with diamond studded breast plates hoping that the physical presence and the spiritual power of the diamond would bring them victory. The belief was so powerful and so widespread that warriors in battle avoided the Kings and other nobles who were porting the powerful gemstones. Over the centuries, the history of diamonds has received its meaning as the highest gift of one's love, probably because marriage and love are seemingly as powerful & as indestructible as the gemstone itself.

The first diamonds in history were discovered in India around 800 B.C. These diamonds were found to be a result of a volcanic source, however this source was never discovered. Indian diamonds continued to supply the world up until the eighteenth century, it was a large deposit. These diminishing supplies spawned the next finds in Brazil and in the mid 1800's, South Africa. South Africa had a massive diamond deposit, and was a global supplier for a long time. In the mid 1900's major diamond deposits were found in Siberia, and today Western Canada is the site of the world's newest diamond mines.

Most of the history of diamonds, the gemstones were extracted from sand and gravel along river banks, like in India. However, when South Africa's diamond rush started new process of finding the diamonds not along waterways, but in the earth, was discovered. Still today, diamonds are for the most part mined using various extracting methods.

The History of Diamonds

Diamond History... Throughout History, diamonds and diamond engagement rings have been the most coveted gemstones above all others. Diamonds are simple beauty, rare, and virtually indestructible by any means, and because of these qualities they have acquired even a Mystical Power over man throughout time. Every civilization since the diamond was discovered has revered and exhibited fascination with these sparkling phenomena that can resist the both fire and steel. Today we are still fascinated with diamonds in jewelry and it is often used to express the most precious symbol of eternal love.

Diamond Engagement Rings Began Thousands Of Years Ago!
The history of diamond engagement rings and wedding rings dates back to the early Roman times around 200 BCE. Engagement rings were at the time valued because of the inscriptions that were engraved on the inside of the bands and so recorded a couples contract of everlasting love. These contracts were then signed in the presence of the Roman Emperor's image. This custom continued and was Christianized during the 4th century by St. Augustine. This tradition of giving diamond engagement rings in the engagement and wedding rings in the ceremony as symbols of everlasting love is as popular today as it was back then. Learn More About Diamond Engagement Rings In History.

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