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Do you know any unique marriage proposal poems or marriage poems that you would be willing to share with the rest of us who have not one clue? Help out the general male public... give us your most creative and unique marriage proposals and we'll post them online. Who knows, you might see your writing online. There are countless ways to propose marriage, read some great marriage proposal ideas and poems on our site.
You've assumedly bought the engagement ring, but you're still out there looking for marriage poems. She probably would love it if you would write your own proposal poem, but for those of us who have problems with the English language, let alone a proposal and a poem... it can be a tricky thing. Try these:
  1. Marriage Proposal Poems - Read on below to woo your fiance into saying "Yes":

    Marriage Proposal Poem #1
    Marriage, as a choice, requires choices.
    One must choose not once, but every day.
    Life offers us a hundred thousand voices,
    Yet those we fail to hear fast fade away.
    I choose you with all my wounded heart:
    You and our two children. All the rest
    Lies in the distance, charming, but apart
    From the circle of the ones with whom I'm blessed.
    Our marriage isn't easy, but our love
    Is still the force that shapes my daily life.
    I want us to be happy, and will move
    Wherever I must be to be your wife.
    I'm yours, and I want you to be mine.
    We'll find a way our wishes to combine.

    Marriage Proposal Poem #2
    Marriage is a letting go,
    A plunge into the deep.
    No one need the currents fear
    Nor hesitate to leap.
    You may your spirits keep.
    More is gained by giving up
    And less by taking in.
    Remember that to dwell in joy
    You must make room within.

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