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Mystical Power of Diamonds

There are many legends surrounding the diamond and diamond engagement rings throughout history. The word diamond is derived from the Greek word, adamas, meaning unconquerable. The Romans had a similar word, diamas. The diamond is thought to have possessed insurmountable power and strength unyielding to the forces of fire and steel. This gem, the diamond, possesses such great a value, not only among all other gems, but also of all human possessions. For a long time in history, diamonds were known only to kings, and to very few of them as well.

In India, where the first diamonds were discovered, the diamond mesmerized this civilization for its strength and mystic qualities. It was believed that diamonds protected the person wearing the gemstone from fire, poison, serpents, ailment, witchcraft and all forces of evil.

Ancient Roman warriors believed that the diamond worn against their left arm on the skin would make them impenetrable during battle. The stone was thought to make the individual more cunning, agile and have incomparable strength. It has been quoted that any man who carried a diamond on his left side would be “hardy and manly”, guarding from accidents to their limbs, yet a diamond worn by a drunk or incontinent would render the power useless.

The mere possession of a diamond changed the man who held it. It’s mere possession would drive away the devil in exorcisms. It wielded bravery, and strength to the owner, making one completely invincible by any force, physical, mental, religious or supernatural. In judicial events during the 1500’s the diamond served as a means by telling the guilty from the innocent. If the accused was guilty the diamond would turn dull or murky, but if the individual were truly innocent, the diamond would shine more brightly than normal.

Different colors of diamonds also held different powers. A colorless diamond betrothed riches, empowered the possessor, brought friendships, and good luck. Brown or champagne colored diamonds prevented the possessor from growing old. Red or yellow diamonds were exclusively for kings and that was all. Smokey or black diamonds brought good luck.

Diamonds have been known to carry immense powers, but these stones usually require being found naturally or else be given to an individual as a symbol of love or friendship. So by giving your loved one a diamond engagement ring, you are in essence reviving the power that the mystical gem naturally possesses. 

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