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Your Original Wedding Vows Begin Here! Be An Original And Use Original Vows At Your Wedding Ceremony

Original wedding vows can make those same-old, same-old stale weddings that you see carbon copies of into a wedding that people will actually love to attend and will most likely talk about for some time to come. Be an original and show your future spouse that there is a reason why they chose you, because you are unique. Prove it to everyone by using an original vow. If you can't write your own original wedding vow, don't worry, there are examples below to help you out. Feel free to modify any vow or use it as a template to get your creative juices flowing.
  1. Original Wedding Vows - The Vows I Take Will Be Forever

    The vows I take will be forever:
    I'll love you all my life.
    There's no part way, no holding back
    Once we are man and wife.

    The choice is made, and now I swim
    In a far different sea,
    The shores of which are bright green hills
    Raised up for you and me.

    Our love is like a mountainside
    Awash in lovely flowers:
    It is our home, our solid rock,
    Where all bright things are ours.

    And though of need we often must
    Spend our days apart,
    Our love will always be with us,
    Held within the heart.

    I feel it now, so strong and free,
    So part of every breath
    That it must live--I swear it will!--
    Even after death.


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