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Pink Diamond Engagement Rings - Fancy pink diamonds and pink diamond engagement rings are becoming very popular again. In recent Hollywood events, Ben Affleck proposed to J-Lo giving her the pink diamond which was worth over a million dollars. A lot of glamorous models, rockstar divas, and posh ladies are porting the pricy pink colored diamonds at any and every occasion possible. Now, it's no longer limited to Jennifer Lopez's pink diamond... these days natural pink diamond rings are turning up in everyday life. But, why are they so expensive you ask? Well, that's easy, colored diamonds are a natural occurance such as natural pink diamonds, but it is rare to have it happen, and thus the rarity of the color increases the cost of the pink diamond ring. There are many other factors that go into diamond costs.

Typical, diamonds are more of a clear color. When talking about this type of diamond color, you are referring to the 4 Cs characteristics of the gem. Diamond color is a scaling measurement that determines how clear the diamond is. Colored diamonds, like natural pink diamonds, are considered fancy colors and are priced differently. And while these pink diamond engagement rings, are undoubtedly harder to track down than a clear diamond, you can still find them at fine jewelers. You just have to look a little bit harder. This is because loose pink diamonds are relatively rare, making the pink diamond engagement rings quite unusual, and so the problem in purchasing a pink diamond engagement ring can be tracking one down. Some jewelers specialize in loose pink diamonds, and those that do will probably be able to offer you a better price. Pink diamond rings are available in many shades and this shading can affect the cost of the diamond.

Because of the popularity of fancy pink diamond engagement rings, jewelers have developed special artificially introduced pink colors to add hue to the diamond. This should be questioned when looking for pink diamonds, "is it a natural pink or has it been colored". Although pink diamonds that are artificially colored are less valuable than natural pink diamonds, they are also less expensive.

Fancy pink diamonds remain more expensive than an uncolored stone, but the difference in the cost is not as large in artificially colored diamonds! So there's good news for all you stylish and hip girls who want to dress a little pinker this season.

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