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Find Your Wedding Vows Here! Free Wedding Vows - For Those Of Us Who Can't Write Those Original Ones...

Ladies and gentlemen, you have gone through all of the hoops and only have to go through the process of a wedding to make things final, but you still are out there looking for wedding vows that will not make you look like a fool. For those of us who have problems making their own wedding vows, the following free wedding vows are meant to help you out. There are many styles of wedding vows, including original vows and funny wedding vows; it all depends on your unique style. Use any of these free wedding vows that you like, or you can use these wedding vows like a template and edit them to fit you personally. Start your wedding vow search below.
Here is an example of an exchange of original wedding vows. These vows are used, but it's more unique than the traditional wedding vows.
  1. The Rose Wedding Vow

    During the exchange of these vows, the groom will need a single red rose while the bride will need to have a simple vase filled with water. A clear glass or crystal vase is normally used, but this too can be switched up. Prior to the wedding ceremony, place both of these items behind a lectern or somewhere easy to get to, perhaps with the best man and maid of honor. During the ceremony, either the best man, the maid of honor, or the minister or any combination of these, can retrieve the rose and vase right before the exchange of the wedding vows.

    Minister: This is a day steeped in tradition, a time when we are surrounded by symbols: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Today, (BRIDE) and (GROOM) begin a new tradition, a custom which now becomes uniquely their own.

    Groom: (BRIDE) I give you this rose. Because it grew from a tiny seed, becoming stronger and larger until it burst into flower, it symbolizes the way my love for you has grown. (Groom gives Bride the rose.) Each year on our wedding anniversary, I will give you another rose. In so doing, I'll remember this day and renew the vows we've made.

    Bride: (GROOM), I give to you this vase of water. (GROOM TAKES AND HOLDS THE VASE) Because water is the one element without which we would perish, it symbolizes the importance of your love in my life. Each year on our anniversary, I will refill this vase, offering it to you as a symbol of my ever renewing love. (BRIDE PLACES ROSE IN THE VASE AND THEY HOLD THE VASE TOGETHER)

    Groom: Without water, the rose would die.

    Bride: Without the rose, the vase of water would not be beautiful.

    Groom: My gift is enhanced by yours, just as my life is enhanced by ours.

    Bride: My gift is lovely because of yours, just as my life is better because of you. ( BRIDE AND GROOM HAND VASE WITH ROSE TO THE MINISTER)

    Minister: On each anniversary, as you give and receive the rose and the water, remember with joy this day when you pledged your love and your lives to each other. May this be only the first of many cherished traditions in a home filled with happiness.

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