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Do you know any marriage proposals or wedding proposal poems that you would be willing to share with the rest of us who have no clue? Please help out the general male public... send us your most romantic wedding proposal poems and we'll post them online. Who knows, you might see your writing online. There are countless ways to propose marriage; let us know your romantic ideas.
It's the final step... you've got your diamond engagement ring, but you're still out there looking for romantic wedding proposal poems that will strike a rhyme in her heart and prepare you both for the marriage engagement. Well read on and relax... we're here to help.
  1. Wedding Proposal Poems - The poem and a marriage proposal. What could be more romantic than a hand-written proposal poem by you. Well, if you can't write to save your life... try this:

Exactly when did love come to your hearts,
Vesting something one in something twain,
Exchanging simple wholes for complex parts,
Less purely self, more vulnerable to pain?
Yet passion often migrates into need,
Not needing much to crave unfeigned affection;
And so each craving does the other feed,
Need serving need as bond against rejection.
Doubt not such sweet sense can be sustained,
Not by passion, but by will and grace.
In long-lived love there's too much to be gained,
Convectively, to easy un-embrace.
Oceans well up richly well within,
Letting go the air that we begin
Avidly to breathe, with passion burning,
So fraught with love no years can hold our yearning.

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