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Wedding Proposals At Christmas

Do you have any wedding proposals that you would be willing to share with the rest of us who have no clue? Please help out the general male public... send us your most romantic and unique wedding proposals at Christmas time and we'll post them online. Who knows, you might see your writing online. There are countless ways to propose marriage during the holidays, and find your wedding proposals at Christmas.
It's go time, Santa... you've got your diamond engagement ring, but you're still out there looking for wedding proposals at Christmas. How about this festive idea...
  1. Wedding Proposals At Christmas - This unique idea is to secretly add the ring box to the Christmas tree as an ornament. The box would be somewhat hidden, so only you know where it is and that it is a gift rather than just an ornament. After all of the presents from under the tree have been handed out, I would point out that there was still one left. At that point, reach into the tree and pull out the ring box and present it to your girlfriend in front of the whole family. Then, open it for her and you've got yourself a perfect Christmas wedding proposal.

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