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Do you have any ideas on wedding proposals? Please share your wedding proposal ideas with us. We are currently researching engagement tips and advice on the best and most creative ways to propose getting married. Gentlemen, these engagement proposal stories on wedding proposals that we share below are brought to you by men who've been exactly where you are standing right now. You need to propose to your lady, and we're going to help you do it.
So, you haven’t gotten around to the wedding proposal yet. Hey, take it easy... in the next several pages, you'll learn some fail safe wedding proposals that will have your fiancée-to-be shouting 'Yes'.
  1. Old Fashioned Wedding Proposals - This proposal is fairly basic, and you will not be risking her getting embarrassed by having her name spelled out at a baseball game... unless she wants that of course. These wedding proposals are the simplest, least creative, yet timelessly romantic. Drop to one knee with the ring in your hand, hers in the other. You will do well at a fine restaurant, or where you first met (this is where you can get creative). Sure there are countless ways to propose, but this one will never go out of style.

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