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What To Look For When Examining Diamond Engagement Rings

A loupe, although simple in design, can tell a skilled professional a number of traits about a diamond. For example, a gemologist can distinguish the composition of a diamond to determine if the diamond is synthetic or natural, or a fake. Loupes are used to find flaws, cracks and blemishes. It is a good comparative tool to determine whether a diamond is what it is supposed to be. Here is what you can expect to be able to identify as a novice to the industry:

  1. You will be able to determine how well the workmanship went into the cutting of the diamond. The main characteristic here you can determine is the symmetry of the gem. This is the balance of the stone. You can count and see if the diamond contains the correct number of cuts per its shape. You can also check the proportions.
  2. Chips, cracks, scratches. You can see these on the facet edges, the table and planes of the diamond. These are flaws on all sides of the external diamond.
  3. The sharpness of the facet edges. The harder a diamond is, the sharper its edges will appear. Imitations will appear more of a rounded look especially under the loupe.
  4. Bubbles, inclusions and flaws. Most often, these types of flaws can be seen only under the inspection with a 10x jeweler’s loupe.

This is not a license to go out and inspect your diamond engagement rings without hesitation. This is an important tool that can assist you when buying a diamond engagement ring. Only an experienced professional can determine the authenticity and overall grading of a diamond. We hope that this will be used as an aide to you when comparing a grading report or what the jeweler is telling you and what you could notice with a little practice.

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